Friday, April 23, 2004



Kasumi and Tatsuya will be coming soon for an extended Golden Week visit, they'll stay in the house across the Lake for the duration, and of course they'll be bringing with them the one-and-only Kaya, compounded by the two-and-only M&M (Mitsuki and Miasa), and the adrenalin is rising. It'll be fun.

Though M&M are yet but wee floor-crawling beasties, the great thing about that is that it gets us down on the floor where we ourselves spent our early lives, and it is not unfamiliar down there, distant as it may seem, but full of fun if you have some one to have the fun with. M&M are the ideal companions for floor fun.

Kaya, on the other hand, now a proud two-legged girl far above the merely crawling beasties, will find the floor to be quite beneath her, though I'll bet that out in the garden she'll find great delight in the little red globules now showing at the bottom of the bright green leaves that have come up exactly where she planted what were called "radish seeds" when she was last here a few weeks ago and had no true idea what she was really doing, placing those tiny tan balls a certain distance apart in the lo-o-ong grooves we made in the ground, and then covering them all up and pouring water on them, some strange ritual adults do while talking about "radishes" and "planting," magic words.

I want to see the look on her face when the puzzle all fits together into a picture she can eat with a crunch. We'll have some fresh radishes with M&M just watching, since they have no teeth and know nothing of crunch. Their turn will come, I shall assure them.

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