Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Shinzo Abe, now the Prime Minister, seeks to make Japan a more "normal country."

"Off to a fast start in setting up his Cabinet, Abe stocked the new government with conservatives on every issue from the economy and foreign affairs to defence and women's rights."

Closest to Abe in the new inner circle is Foreign Minister Taro Aso (whose family industrial dynasty's use of wartime slave labor he has never acknowledged)(funny how 'democracy' brings these people to the top), known for his hardline stance toward China.

It is said that much about Japan will change (revert?) as soon as Abe - democratically groomed for the Prime Minister's job since childhood - sets the stage for the new Japan by altering the world's only peace-affirming constitution so that Japan can have a "normal" army just like it had before and its restless neighbors can relax in the knowledge that all their worries have been well founded... Clearer friction: just what the world needs now.

"From today, I will start building a new Japan," says Abe. Maybe he and Aso could start off on both feet by responding to this army-related matter:

H. RES. 759

"Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the Government of Japan should formally acknowledge and accept responsibility for its sexual enslavement of young women, known to the world as 'comfort women', during its colonial occupation of Asia and the Pacific Islands from the 1930s through the duration of World War II, and for other purposes."

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