Friday, October 06, 2006


You can bet Rove and the Elephant Gang are thanking their lucky stars for the GOP Spy Bill as they use their slick new terrorist communication-screening capabilities to the max to scour every Democratic House member phone call, every Democratic email, every Democratic live chat, every Democratic bank account, every Democratic hotel and bedroom in search of just one crumb or even hint of gay/pedophilia/adultery/alcoholism/bestiality/malfeasance/jaywalking, anything they can spin counter-Foleywise to any extent since, according to internal GOP polling data, they're looking at losing 20-50 house seats in November if Hastert remains as Speaker, which would mean a Democratic majority with the power of impeachment and trial, and they know where that will lead. Bet they're working 24-hour days in that spin bunker, all in service to you and me. The results should be out soon.

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