Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Paris: 64 Guide Michelin stars

New York City: 42 Guide Michelin stars

Tokyo: 191 Guide Michelin stars!!

Has Le Guide lost its mind? Sacre bleu! Traitre! Doesn't being French mean what it used to? Not to put down Tokyo's food quality in the slightest; shojin ryori, for example, can hold its own with any cuisine in the world, to say nothing of my personally select ramen restaurants, but Japanese food just doesn't have any of that je ne sais quoi you get in Paris from arguing with the waiter. And three times as many stars as Paris! Scandale!

Michelin sprinkles stars on Tokyo


Todd said...

Tokyo has roughly eight times as many restaurants as either New York or Paris, yet only three times as many stars. The ratio of stars to restaurants is still safely a Parisian coup.

Bob Brady said...

It's simply hard to believe that any true French institution would ever do this!

Todd said...

Well, there were 3 Japanese on the selection panel, and only two French. I'm not sure if it had to be a unanimous decision, or a majority vote.

Viva la France!

Todd said...

Correction: 3 European & 2 Japanese inspectors rated the restaurants.