Friday, December 21, 2007


Depressing news from America today: Britney Spears has a younger sister.

Who's pregnant.

Those facts in themselves aren't depressing, lots of folks have younger sisters, even pregnant ones, pregnancy being a perfectly natural state for a 16-year-old, just as nature designed it.

What's depressing is that the many unintriguing facets of Britney Spears’ 16-year-old sister's pregnancy topped the news all over America, e.g., "Jamie Lynn Spears' Pregnancy: Is It Legal? - all 1,917 news articles »," drowning out such tiny whispers as House Approves 70 Billion for Wars (Reality TV anyone?) while taxpayers were helpfully distracted by the mesmerizing epiphany of Britney's pregnant sibling, all in keeping with the ongoing general trend toward the Bread and Circuses that historically attend imperial declines.

I wonder who the barbarians will be this time…


Winston said...

I lost my remaining faith in CNN when they droned on all night about "Britney's 16-year old sis is 'preggers'", whatever that means. This story properly belongs in the category of "who cares?".

Bob Brady said...

I remember when Time magazine was a bastion of quality reportage and journalistic eloquence! I remember journalistic integrity on television! I remember a time when Hannity, Oreilly and Coulter type mutants would have been laughed out of what was still an actual and prided profession. Any day now we'll hear: "The prez, like, issued a statement today that says, like,..."
We have met the barbarians and they are us.

tracy said...

Here, here!!