Tuesday, April 08, 2008

-- From my large collection, found during editing over the decades--
More to be posted from time to time...

"1. For typing specifications refer to 2. below.
2. No typing necessary."

"If we are to maintain world peace, we must spend more time teaching our children the horrors of war in schools."

"Participants reconfirmed their commitment to the promotion and renewed their hope to win the gold, silver or bonzo prize."

"How long has it been since a recent event?"

"There are vegetables that are related to Japan."

"If the answer is no, give the year you expect to become necessary."

"The symbolic spaces and straight lines added in later days form a kind of passage, at the end of which there is nothing like a sculpture."

"The Federation passes a resolution requesting interpretation to enable the social functioning of people whose auditory sense or speech is impaired every year at its national meeting."

"Check connected joints for leakage using soapy water or else."

"In this ride, passengers can experience totally reverse movements in a round trip while screaming."


Ronni Bennett said...

These are wonderful. I can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the picture: So the view of the village has changed finally...

Pam said...

Concerning the translations: ARRGGRGGRHHHHHH!!!

Bob Brady said...

Been there, huh Pam...

Pam said...

Oh, yes. I probably even wrote a few like that back when I started translating and didn't quite grasp that I had to actually understand what the whole SENTENCE, PARAGRAPH or even *gasp* DOCUMENT was about.

Here are the words.
This is what they say.
Of course it must make sense!

And yet, no.