Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"We denounce the international and national economists as complete frauds, crooks and liars who have only their own interests at heart and screw you out of your money any way they can.

We denounce the private bankers as a bunch of crooks, liars, scumbags and frauds.

We denounce the international economic institutions to be the instigators of this whole fraud scheme, and we think they should ALL go to jail."


Kay Dennison said...

Interesting -- I think the same about the bankers, et al here in the U.S. -- and Cheyney and Bush should go, too, -- in a Haliburton built facility of course.

I work with the Guatemalan immigrants in our area and do some of my boss' legal research. The corruption in that country is insane on every level.

Robert Brady said...

I second the Halliburton motion.

Chancy said...

Can I "third" the Haliburton motion?
And most of the Wall street CEO's who keep giving themselves bonuses with our taxpayer money.