Sunday, May 10, 2009


When I walk outdoors these bright mornings after last week's heavy spring rains, everything is having a great time. In the garden, the tomato plants have that confident bounce they acquire as they're about to flower; the chard is putting its rainbows even higher up into the air, the arugula is opening a whole row of soft green arms like a Busby Berkeley routine, the baby sunflowers are peeking out from between their hands, the radishes are showing off their new red shoes, the onions and garlic are flashing those long smiles, the beans are busy filling all those pods, the green clouds of potato leaves are doing their work underground as the marigolds and nasturtiums send up daytime fireworks; the morning glories, what more is there to say.

It's one big party out there; soon the rice will be joining in, and the wild beyond is no exception: look at that wisteria at the top of the forest over there-- and smell that jasmine? Only a couple weeks ago it was the scent of jinchoge-- the party incense goes from one sacred fragrance to another; the bird, bug and frog songs, the wind and water music go on day and night, and so goes the wondrous banquet that grows us all.

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