Friday, September 25, 2009


I used to work there during my middle ages.

This festival is well-known to the community by mouth-to-mouth advertising.

You can find a kind of grass that helps cats vomit hairballs on the shelf of pet shops.

Have a big heart and a big humberger.

As you take a sip, our beer's focus on the real thing is poured into your mouth.

Please submit your position list earlier than now.

The patients had some problems, such as fogy vision.

Company values are sufficiently penetrated into employees.

It is vitally important for Indonesia to move forward so that it can look back...

Please note that you may not enter the park if you choose not to.


Tabor said...

I sure could use an editor...but I do not think I am that bad! Ouch.

R. Brady said...

These make me feel like I'm in the ballpark with Shakespeare.

Maggie said...

The instruction/owners manual for my first Datsun 1600 SPL 311 read just like those sentences with some things stated even more awkwardly.