Wednesday, November 18, 2009


To fill in a bit about the previous post, in the everywhere photos of "The Bow," all you see is the low point, and from the worst perspective. When you see the entire 'performance,' from Obama's entrance to the finish, it happens quickly and gracefully, with details a blur. As mixed and awkward as it may be in its elements, however, it is elegantly executed overall, and there is no sense of submissiveness. Obama is in control (though spontaneously, not practicedly) of his part of the situation. America need not be upset, apart from the salaried media phobiacs.

Also, it should in fairness be noted that one can, in presumably less formal situations, shake hands while giving a shallow (20-30 degree) bow, though in the bowvideo I saw on tv here yesterday evening (the only one I've seen), as he approaches the Emperor Obama clearly intends to shake hands, then while doing so executes a deep, quick and rather unexpected bow, which is not as awkward looking as when frozen in the ubiquitous still shot.

In the press here, the main news point now, and primary reference to the whole affair, is the strange reaction of the conservative press in the US, that Obama has submitted to the Emperor and so on (Japanese Mortified by Obama's Bow, for example, when the reality is now more like the header of this post). Puzzled looks follow on the tv anchors' faces, as in Japan there is no commensurately gloating reaction to the bow; the general feeling is more like gratitude for the effort at cultural politeness, a characteristic alien to the mentally isolated.


Chancy said...

Just news of the day and par for the course for the conservative media in the US. They would object to anything Obama did, no matter how innocent of hidden meaning.
It's a good thing President Obama has a thick skin and cool personality; the conservative news is just trying to get a rise out of him, to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details, and for including the 'conservative' in the header.

Some of us in the US are mortified, too, at the delusional right. Sadly, it goes far beyond the salaried phobiacs.

Jenn said...

"...gratitude for the effort at cultural politeness,"

Amazing how just a little goes a long way.