Sunday, January 10, 2010


The other day I was outside just standing around as one can tend to do on sudden splendid winter days when there is so much to do inside, just go outside and stand there and take the whole scene in from all directions, trees earth sun sky you name it, throw in a galaxy or two if you want (it was one of those days), it'll just lighten my heart all the more, when straight out of left field I saw a large woodpecker stroll right up the side of the tall oak tree like you and I walk down the street.

He'd pause every couple of feet and listen to the tree to overhear bug conversations - that's not illegal in the wild - then he'd stroll another yard or so straight up as casually as if he were twirling a cane, cock his ears and eavesdrop, poke a bit at the bark to maybe make a bug yell for help, then glide on upward, very dapper in his pinstripe.

He strolled thus for over twenty meters before the promenade got too narrow and he flew off to begin strolling another tree. And if I hadn't left my urgent indoor tasks and gone aimlessly outside to just pointlessly stand there on the edge of left field I never would have seen the woodpecker stroll.

So if you've got a lot of really urgent stuff to do indoors, why not just go outside and simply stand there for a while? Left field is the greatest place.


VioletRayne said...

I like to do that as well :) Happy new year!

Anonymous said...


DJ said...

Hi! I just happened to stumble on your blog, and began reading, and before I knew it 30 minutes had lapsed and I still wanted to read more. You have a fascinating way of writing and after the most recent entry, I plan on stopping to watch the woodpeckers stroll more often. Thanks for letting me see things from your perspective!

Char said...

How in the world do I get you out of my computer..Eveytime I click on next blog...all I get is your site.......Do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Rita Thakkar said...

I really liked you blog! Happy new year! Keep on posting!

Lana Gramlich said...

If anything, my life is full of stopping & enjoying things most people notice. Those are the best moments in life. Peace!