Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Kyoto Journal/Heian-Kyo Media's latest special publication, on Japan's present and future energy policies-- released on the day angry citizens surrounded the Japanese parliament buildings to demand an end to nuclear power.

"Fukushima has raised, once again, the perennial questions about human fallibility and human frailty, about hubris and man's arrogance in thinking he can control nature. The earthquakes, the tsunami, the meltdown at Japan’s nuclear power plant are nature’s reminders of her power… Alternatives to nuclear energy are a thousand times more abundant and a million times less risky. To push nuclear plants after Fukushima is pure insanity."
— Vandana Shiva

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WOL said...

As sunny and windy as it is here, a wind generator and a set of solar panels would be all you need to be off the grid. With a bank of three wind generators, you could actually make money selling power back to the electric company.