Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Well, here we are with our 22nd typhoon coming in, at least I think it's number 22, I lost track at around typhoon #18 or so. Mankind can only stand so much meteorology. The big round cloudy vortex took a 90 degree right turn at Taiwan and headed straight for my house, having just heard that I'd be off today and wanting to touch up the exterior with some paint before winter. That of course is from the solipsistic perspective typhoons tend to bring on when they head straight for you with huge graspy windfingers.

Haven't seen the sun in quite a while; actually the last time I saw it was in a movie made back in the late 20th century. Read about it too, not long ago, re-read actually, in a book called The Sun also Rises, which I now see as an extended Hemingway irony. A full moon is also said to be shining at night above the clouds, but I can find no trace of this in the literature at hand.

What the nearly two dozen typhoons have brought to this neighborhood is not only an extended lack of sun and moon, but a corresponding excess of rain, at least so far. You can only use so much rain, according to my spinach. My pale, wan onions as well are taking a beating and looking rather drowned. The typhoon-curbed monkeys will not be pleased.

*Later a very wet and windblown guy on tv said it was typhoon #21. Guess I was just thinking about tomorrow...


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