Friday, June 17, 2005


I was about to jadedly say "What a day!" this morning, after some comparatively minor cataclysm of the sort that occurs in any office/official environs on a daily basis, when, thanks to the day before yesterday, I realized that today couldn't possibly qualify as a what-a-day day, compared to said pre-yesterday or even yesterday.

Those days are way up on my top 100 list of what-a-day days, maybe even up in the top 10 in the non-travel category (traveling what-a-day days stand alone, like a hitch-hiker on a street corner for 24 hours); I'd even venture to say that the day before yesterday might have a shot at the number two position (that workday commute back in the autumn of 1967 will never be beaten in my lifetime, the parameter whence I speak).

It is a great comfort, as one advances through later life, to have those formidable banners of earlier what-a-day experience to bear aloft in times of apparent strife, that shrink to minor molehills in the face of such deep history.

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