Saturday, June 03, 2006


"For more than two decades Japan's addiction to disposable chopsticks has been the ultimate indication of its success. What other Asian nation, runs the unspoken boast, can afford to throw away 25 billion pairs of wooden chopsticks every year after only a single use?"

When disposable chopsticks is a symbol of national growth, maybe it's time to review your symbols and your national growth...

"...the Japanese company that makes plastic chopsticks, has had some very lean years but has doubled production to 2 million pairs a year, and is anticipating an increase in sales if Japanese can overcome their prejudice about using chopsticks that have been in other people's mouths. 'There are going to be people who object even when they know the chopsticks have been washed properly,' a spokesman said. 'It's a sort of mental problem.'"

Bet this is related to the lack of ice cream flavors...

Chopstick tussle adds bite to Orient's diplomatic spat

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