Sunday, August 14, 2016


Heian-kyo Media page

Great review on Lulu! Profound thanks for that. Additional kind words or comments/reviews, Facebook etc. "likes" also much appreciated.


Tabor said...

Congratulations. I will go to thelink. Do they send out signed copies?

Robert Brady said...

Tabor-... Thank you. Delighted. I have heard such a thing is possible; I will look into it!

DrBob said...

I LOVE your book. Read about it when Kyoto Journal posted about it on Facebook and ordered it up from Lulu.
Honestly, I can't remember ever having so much pleasure from a book. It's a total delight. As I said in my review Make My Day made me laugh out loud and The Next Gift was so touching it moved me to tears.
You're a wise man, Robert Brady, and your book is a fabulous gift to the rest of us.
Thank you

PS I've just discovered from your blog that you are recovering from a stroke. I wish you well. I'm a doctor and I read a lot about health. I wonder if you've come across Norman Doidge's work about how the brain heals itself? Here's a link I found -

Robert Brady said...


Thank you for this and for your WOW-inducing review on Lulu. Just the lift I needed, as it happens. Thanks also for the neuroplasticity link. It looks promising, and I'm pursuing it.

Deb said...

Hi Robert,

I haven't been blogging for a while, and discovered "The Big Elsewhere" is now available and have bought a digital copy. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I'm delighted to hear your recovery continues! Keep pushing it.

All the best!

Deb in Canada

Anonymous said...

Just ordered a copy and can't wait to dig in!

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