Wednesday, January 07, 2004



"Japan seems to be infected with some strange sort of death wish similar to the male black widow. I do not know what promises of 'sweetness and pleasure' the big spider, which is comprised of our financial elite here in the U.S., has beguiled them with but they are dead set on filling their reserves with U.S. paper which is losing value on a daily basis and getting devoured in the process.

One can only feel sympathy for the common Japanese men and women who have been sold out by their financial elites as Japan sells its soul to the Fed and Wall Street interests. Think what wealth that nation could have secured for its people had it plowed a goodly portion of that trade surplus into gold bullion or even silver for that matter over the last year. Instead, like England whose people no doubt 'benefited' from the sale of England's gold at sub-$300 prices in exchange for paper assets that bear 'interest,' Japan has embarked upon a fool's course that will have repercussions lasting well into the next decade.

What is so tragic in this debacle we are witnessing unfolding before our eyes is that the entire game is played for the benefit of the few whose shortsighted folly is slowly but surely laying the groundwork for the loss of economic power and supremacy in the years ahead for our nation and that of Japan as well."

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