Saturday, February 14, 2004



Well there I was, all deja-vuey without even knowing it yet, heading out basket-in-hand to get some of Bambi's uncle's leftovers-- the greens the gluttonous stag hadn't eaten for breakfast the other morning (see Feb 10 post), specifically the komatsuna and the vitamina, which apparently were not to the picky beast's taste since he'd eaten only the spinach right to the stubs-- and finding in a complex deja-vuey melange the beds of aforesaid greens to be as sparklingly emerald flat as said spinach bed, the deer apparently after a night or two of wild consideration (they are ruminants, after all) having decided to accept second best and then what the hell, third, you only live once, and when will an opportunity like this again present itself. I think today I'll go shopping for some kind of force field that excludes everything but me and vegetables.

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