Saturday, February 14, 2004



I don't know what happened exactly, as with most evolutions it's not the kind of thing you can put your finger on but this morning was as springy and blue as a newborn blue-eyed baby until somewhere in the tropics a butterfly beat its wings at around two o'clock (how antique and tick-tocky sprightly is that o'word) and big changes began small, slowly at first, little puffs of warm muscle-y wind pushing here and there like goblins; then the sky turned earnestly doom gray and a great granddaddy wind came up from the south and blew crows around all floppy in the air like black asterisks among pine cones and tree branches and whatever else wasn't tied down, I had stones on my tarps, and then a mountain-range-sized sky Niagara began its march down from the mountaintop bringing silver rain, a warm rain with seemed to be no space between the drops, in what must be the first significant upheaval of Spring and party time for my shiitake and tilled garden beds so the monkeys and deer can know the meaning of gastronomy. Earlier, I'd been thinking to go for an evening hike up in the forest, but now I'm definitely going. No way I'll stay home with a party like this going on.

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