Saturday, July 31, 2004


I mean, look at it. Here we are at the center of the Japanese archipelago with, as you can see by the satellite image of the weather pattern above, some 2000-3000 miles of pure sky-high blue and sunshine in all directions, EXCEPT right at the center of all that meteorological voluptuousness, where a redding blip of a typhoon is settling looks like right above my house.

Why, you might reasonably ask. Such a question would not be amiss under the circumstances, especially if you had come from a thousand miles in any direction out of the sun to stand in the heavy rain and wind to ask it. I am not surprised that you prefer to remain uninquisitively basking in the vast and dry warmth of your azure goldenness.

But if, like some gods I know, you could just reach up on that weather map and slide that typhoon aside you'd find me underneath, standing by the door to the new deck, paintbrush in hand and fading hope in heart that, upon arising on this at-last day off with no other events calling me away, I might at last have a chance to treat the newly added deck boards, but the typhoon has gone out of its way to ensure that no decks are painted today for a radius of about a thousand miles. Why, you might reasonably ask as well. But a typhoon is all wind and rain, without the slightest gust of explanation.


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