Monday, January 17, 2005


Well the Ms visited us again today; actually I was babysitting for them for a couple of hours and editing upstairs at the same time, which, let me advise any incipient SOHO grandfathers, is a big mistake. (How many of those are yet in store, I wonder.) I must admit that the wee beasties were really trying to be helpful, as their housecleaning instincts struggled to emerge sensibly into a world whose method of organization fell far short of their stringent standards.

They set out to rectify this, quietly cleaning the entire downstairs by carefully covering it all with small toy parts and other play detritus, achieving amazing coverage from so few original items, taking turns now and then to unravel the mysteries of Echo’s collection of jazz tapes, for which she will kill me, then going over the whole with a dry mop just to make sure everything was evenly distributed before taking turns sneezing right in my face.

I tell you, you need to get something lost real quick or a brand-new cold or have some tapes you don't like, these are the ladies for you. They've gone home now and the quietude of heaven reigns here again, except it still hurts a lot to walk anywhere.

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