Sunday, January 23, 2005


Gathering spinach after a snowfall of the size we have up here, about like 10000 white American-sized refrigerators lying on the ground immediately around the house, you have to take your gloves off, gloved hands can't feel spinach leaves in the snow, tend to tear them off while pushing the snow aside, I know I could spend a series of autumn afternoons constructing architecturally impressive tunnels of bamboo and plastic sheeting, but the wind would have a ball piercing that with cedar branches and gradually spinning the whole into arrestingly abstract tree sculptures, or the deer would just get tangled up in it in the dark... And since the snow not only keeps the spinach from freezing, it keeps it mostly invisible to the deer, we actually get some... plus it's nice to slide aside the sunlit snow in the morning and behold the tasty green hello deep down there...

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