Friday, April 22, 2005


The old new nutritional pyramid was bad enough, with meat and dairy all over the place, but you put pyramid building in the hands of bureaucrats and this is what you get: the new new nutritional pyramid, sort of a rainbow sliding board thingy with a sinister, darkly deformed figure climbing up the side, perhaps toward some sort of sacrifice at the top in which the still-beating heart is offered to the sun god whose light has been cut off.

But why pyramids, for paperpushing sake, why not have just a simple low-sided BOX like I use, into which you throw everything organic that isn't refined or processed to death and certainly isn't mostly meat, with just a few select cheeses on the side, along with some wines and the occasional fine cigar? Then you just pick some things out, combine them and eat, drink or smoke the result.

Look inside the pyramid

In a similarly clogged vein, see Meaty Diet Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

And then there's the meat industry's predictable response to the study: Meat industry slams cancer study

"A new study that suggests high consumption of processed meats could raise the risk of pancreatic cancer was 'not capable of proving cause and effect' claims the American meat association."

Sounds like the argument the cigarette folks used for decades...

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