Saturday, July 02, 2005


"This is so serious that it eclipses even Authoritarian Free Enterprise and all it means. This virus is the potential mother of all terrorist bio threats. Estimates suggest that 65% to 75% of those infected will die. This is so serious that even if it never happens nothing would be wasted by private or public funds supporting a research effort for an effective vaccine to prevent it. Right now there is no such vaccine no matter what medical spin you hear in order to 'maintain the social order.'"
Jim Sinclair (free registration)

"The report projects between 479 and 1,390 deaths in Durham and the surrounding area over the course of a 12-month avian flu pandemic period. In addition, it is estimated that between 1,306 and 4,606 people would require hospitalization, and up to 233,090 would need outpatient care.

'These numbers are pretty staggering,' Mr. MacEachern said. 'Especially when you consider that the hospitals in Durham probably couldn't handle an extra 10 patients right now.'"


"They religiously monitor Asian newspaper articles, devour World Health Organization reports, scan medical literature. They debate the principles that drive the evolution of influenza viruses and critique government preparations for a flu pandemic.

But they aren't virologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists or public health leaders. (Well, most of them aren't, anyway.) They are regular folk - housewives, writers, college instructors - who share an obsession over what they believe is the looming threat of a flu pandemic.

Meet the Internet's dedicated and growing community of flu bloggers."

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