Wednesday, November 15, 2006


"Many Japanese are living to a ripe old age, and more than 20,000 of them are over 100 years old.
Life expectancy in Japan, for both men and women, is the highest in the world. What are some of the conditions that made this possible?"
The Secret to Longevity in Japan

Wise words on aging from Hinohara Shigeaki, a practicing M.D. 92 years of age.


Eric Pyle said...

One of the big factors in longevity here must be the availability of health care. My American Mom goes to the doctor about once a year, waits hours in the waiting room, and pays a fortune. My Japanese Mom goes to her chiropracter twice a week, her dentist twice a month, and our family doctor twice a week or more, and pays virtually nothing.

This is a less exciting reason than the ones in Dr. Shigeaki's article, but it's something to keep in mind -- especially for us American left-wingers.

Robert Brady said...

Good point, Eric. I haven't been in the health care loop in the West-- very little here too, actually, but when I do use health services here, it's pretty smooth, low-fee and uncomplicated (so far)...