Wednesday, January 31, 2007


He also bowed briefly in parliament, after having insulted the better half of the nation. Prime Minister Abe apologized as well for the public revelation of Yanagisawa's unpleasant thought processes, in an attempt to stem the plunge in his administration's approval rating, particularly among birth-giving devices. So far, two members of his Cabinet have resigned in scandals, with strike three now in the offing. "I want him to fulfil his duties with all of his body and soul," insisted Abe, who appointed Yanagisawa in now-apparent ignorance of his serious limitations. Abe says that the Health Minister shouldn't resign, despite what everybody else thinks, because that would be terrible for Abe. And even though Yanagisawa has driven one huge nail into the LDP effigy. But the really odd thing is, women gave birth to these guys.

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