Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Out on the deck savoring the deliciously complex bouquet of a vintage called "Mountain Spring Evening of Light Rain," I walk to the rail for a deeper draught and find a different course of air there, a downmountain current bearing the fragrance of the Daphne bush from where it sits blooming quietly like a fragrant firework... Knowing so much more about the pinpoint of Spring than I with my chronic intellect, the Daphne has once again caught me by surprise, whispering to me its ancient spell of beauty, pouring its cream and honey fragrance upon the air for any living creature, and I am one of the lucky ones.


Barbara said...

I, too, love the scent of Daphne which has been blooming for a few weeks already here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (Salem). I also love to read your blog for its beautiful language and images. Thank you. And thanks to Ronni Bennett for referring me to your site.

Robert Brady said...

And thank you, Barbara, for your kind words.

Thanks also, as always, to Ronni.