Tuesday, September 18, 2007


On hurricaney Saturday afternoon we took a chance and drove around the mountain, then along through the steep valley to visit Yamauto on its closing weekend, low and scudding clouds shrouding the whole already mystic way. Seems though that our mountains keep most of the rain on our side; though cloudy over there, there was no rain for a long while; there were even patches of blue sky above the strong breezes.

There was a bit of a change in the ongoings though, because from Saturday the local villagers began to take part in the festival, teaching traditional crafts, songs and dances. In the photo at left, a village 'grandma' shows Yamauto participants how to weave rope/cloth sandals (rice straw can be used too) using one's big toes as the loom.

It was food to be among all those smiling faces of always fresh intelligence, seekers every one – the music was grand and the sky played along with all its bag of tricks, from shimmering mists to patches of turquoise, drops of gold and sudden rainbows (the best kind).

Met many new friends and saw dear old ones again—saw Sogyu once more in a long time, as hearty as ever, and Nanao (poet) and Isamu (painter; painted the tepee just above). Even when the rain fell at last for a time, strong and steady, it was part of the music and the party, that kept on dancing with the rain.

Isamu, Nanao, Sogyu

Isamu, Nanao, me


[In comments to my earlier post on Yamauto, below, intriguing perspectives on Japan's future from Ken Elwood.]

[Later update: just found Goa Gil's photo album of his all-night performance at Yamauto on September 1.]


Joy Des Jardins said...

Look at your handsome self. Hey, where's your ponytail? Sounds like a good time was had by all...thanks Robert.

Bob Brady said...

Ponytail's around back there somewhere, joy; yeah, fun was everywhere out there.