Thursday, September 13, 2007


So Abe has abruptly decided to resign as Prime Minister-- some weeks too late, but in time to keep things on a bizarro-Marx Brothers trajectory.

The big question now is: which crony will replace him? Back-room money is on the scion of a formerly war-slave-employing company who has already made enough gaffes to script a dark version of The Cocoanuts, and will likely work even harder at instilling zealous patriotism in the populace, getting the emperor to visit Yasukuni and changing the constitution so as to create a good-sized army that can be used offensively. Nothing quite so satisfying to certain people as a good-sized army. The burgeoning of actual democracy here in Japan might interfere with this plan, however, so the future may be quite interesting, in a 'Why a duck?' kind of way.

I know that this may seem unfair to the Marx Brothers, but they were surrealistically funny by intention.

[Update Sept 14: In a scene out of Duck Soup, the LDP suddenly begins backing Zeppo.]


Todd said...

I heard a good reason as to why they may not go with front-runner Aso right away:
"The only reason that I could see them not going with him at this time, is that not having another suitable candidate, they might want to throw in some stop-gap slug and see how the water goes, keeping Aso in reserve. They could then come in with Aso after the slug goes dead in the water, or is sunk out right. They like to use this maneuvering as a so-called sekinin move to erase responsibilities for current scandals (which doesn't cure a damn thing, but it sure makes everyone feel good)."

Bob Brady said...

Todd, that may well be their plan; dinosaurs can be crafty...