Friday, May 23, 2008


Unless otherwise specified, all work shall be done perfectly.

As far as economic consideration goes, the Japanese boats ended up in red ink.

A patient dosed with nifedipine is said to be dead.

The bureau meeting will be free to those not attending.

Ground the DC motor case via the shielding housing or something.

They can be divided into two types: one of them is glucose non-fermenting gram-negative rods and another is the other.

It is only quite recently that we began to speak interminably.

Also, this treatment might diffuse viral particles into surrounding normal cells in intolerable patients such as children.

Local volunteers are throwing their hearts into meals for the aged.

Dear Mayor: I greatly appreciated your visit, along with your wife.

more to come...


Mage And George said...

These words read like the ones I found in my first Nisan/Datsun handbook in 1965.

Pam said...

Love the last two!
Such evocative imagery.

David said...

In a recent student paper:

"We discuss social problems, such as the Japanese government."

I didn't correct it.

Bob Brady said...

I know how you feel, David-- in a way it broke my heart to edit these semantic beauties out of existence; I just had to keep a copy...