Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here in the aftermath of speed in darkness I am amazed in the night at how blithely I used to whirl about in bed while asleep, turning onto my right side or my left, doing double flips, handsprings, roundoffs, backhandstands, forward rolls, tucks, reverse double vaults etc. all night long with the grace and ease of a somnambulent gymnast, heedlessly lying on my back or flopping on my stomach to catch a last few Zs in the dawn; then I am amazed in the day at how I used to just jump up into morning sunlight and put arms and legs right and left, here and there into shirts and pants as though there were nothing to it, been doing it all my life then loping down the stairs to carry on with all the multiple twists, somersaults and triple-back saltos of daily life.

When you've got it, when it's yours, you don’t appreciate it, which is maybe why so many times in life it is taken away, held at a distance like a gem in a jeweler’s hand, to afford perspective, make visible to you the value of what is yours, before - if you are lucky - it is given back to you again.

And even if it is not, if it is gone forever, as can happen with age (the greatest teacher of genuine value), you are thankful for the treasure you held if only for a time...

So value every loved one, every friend, every day, every portion of breath, every grace of motion, as though you are much older than you are...


Mary Lou said...

Hurting really bad huh? I know the feeling. I cant turn over or jump out of bed anymore either, and when one is getting really old and urge incontinent, that can be a real disaster!! (dont laugh!! it will hurt)

Anonymous said...

With a tear, your last line moves me beyond measure!

As I watch children run and play, I can remember when my knees worked the same as theirs. I really miss the days when I could walk on our local track; or in the park, with energy and without pain.

Chancy said...

I have a difficult time imagining myself older than I already am. At age almost 79 I am a member of the ache of the month club. I did not join willingly but somehow when I was not looking got a charter membership;
No refunds or cancellations allowed
Oh well.I just make the best of it and find something to laugh at every day.

You get well soon, you hear?