Monday, June 22, 2009

FROM MY IBIZA JOURNAL-- March 13, 1979

Just took a half-hour walk from Figueral home to Cala Boix -- full sunset at one end, full moonrise at the other.

The valley along was full of a golden mist, and when I had passed through the pines and climbed the hill forest past the old finca, the sea sky was gray tinged with pink over Tagomago, and out of this rose a pale-red ivory moon, from behind the silhouette of the Phoenician tower.

The full-moon night is like a silver day, everything is covered with moon rays. It's more silent than usual, if that's possible, as though everything were holding its breath and staring in amazement at that bright face.

Last night, too, when I went out at moon-noon there was no breeze; nothing stirred but my pulse and the sea. Somewhere within, we each are as clear and peaceful as such a night.


Maggie said...

Yes sir: Magic, poisonous snakes, and olive oil or real butter. Maybe the magic will make me thinner.

R. Brady said...

Well, Maggie, the right vibes are heading your way...