Saturday, February 20, 2010


Groove in a vinyl record, as viewed through an electron microscope.

Sort of makes me wonder what earthshakingly great guitar riff,
recorded in The Big Studio,
was laid down long ago as the Grand Canyon...

In the photo beneath this shot on the linksite
digital recording looks like
wimpy nanobreadsticks, in contrast...
via reddit


Tabor said...

Since my son is a sound engineer I find it interesting that he thinks analog music is richer and digital more sterile.

Maggie said...

Absolutely fascinating. I'm just sorry I don't own any 3D glasses. Thanks.

Ko Tamakikat ahau said...

Always fun to see things from a different view.


By the way, I've named you as a recipient of a 'sunshine award' as I always enjoy reading your blog.

Till next time :)

R. Brady said...

TK, Thank You! I am honored!