Monday, February 15, 2010


The way the kinmokusei trees move in the strong freshening wind you can tell they've just realized the first edge of Spring; their movements are no longer stiff and unwilling - snow-shedding, as before - but softening, stretching, somehow greener and more alive, once again in sync with the earth and its activities; much like me. They even seem a bit playful with each other, like baby animals are. As I watch them I feel that feeling in myself, somehow...

Even the curled brown leaves of last year that have been lying apathetically in the field across the road since autumn are now whirling giddily in the road like a spontaneous Maypole dance with airy ribbons, a merry-go-round of all the whirling ring dances that have always celebrated the return of Spring, warmth and life from the land.

You really gotta watch it these days, there are performances everywhere.


steveb said...

And it's just the Opening Act!

R. Brady said...

I got the popcorn.