Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So K+Kids have gone back north, having been assured by Tepco, the government and others (excepting E and I) that it is safe as far as radiation goes, and the coming year of aftershocks as well. She does not like being there though, despite assurances, especially with the daily/nightly earth tremors. Turns out also, amidst all this truthy talk, that K and the girls were there for the "Chernobyl" days, during which clueless Tepco and the gagagovernment assured the public that everything was ok and would soon be under control, much as they're doing now... pay no attention to that dark cloud rising and drifting your way, nothing to see here; you people over there better evacuate, the rest of you can stay where you are...
More on this as it unfolds and discretion allows...

Japanese Government Faction Wants To Bankrupt TEPCO, Break It Up, And Take Away Its Executives Pay and give it to earthquake victims
Sounds like a good idea, but I bet they'll tax it somehow. Windfall perhaps. The execs likely won't know it's missing for years... "No problem. Everything's perfectly ok. According to my expert measurements I have at least 100,000 trillion yen in my account..."

Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan nuclear plant

New Photos of Damaged Reactors

Nuclear crisis could last 2 to 3 more months, expert says


Kamaboko maker delivering free kamaboko to all the shelters... how grateful the people are, to have some homely food... how they enjoy the warm kamaboko, smiling their thanks as they eat... how happy he is to help, driving his truck among the mountains of debris to the next shelter...


Meteorological Agency underestimated height of tsunami

Japan's food crisis goes beyond recent panic buying

"To Work at Fukushima, You Have to Be Ready to Die"

What does 'safe' mean in a nuclear disaster?

“There are indications that Fukushima has more than 20 times the amount of nuclear fuel than Chernobyl had. Does this mean that the potential threat from Fukushima could exceed that of Chernobyl?
Absolutely there is much more radioactive material in play here. There are some important differences. There was a huge fire at Chernobyl and it was hard to disperse the radioactivity, and there has not been that kind of fire so far at Fukushima. But there's an enormous amount of radioactive material there, which is not under control at this point and which could enter the environment and potentially travel large distances.


Maggie said...

This morning on the news here they are saying that workers can no longer enter the Fukushima plants because of the radiation levels. Yes, I wish your family was there with you.

Tabor said...

Anger brewing at this end!

Mary Lou said...

I am so sorry that the girls are having to go through all of this again. I am sure we wont really know the outcome of all of this for YEARS!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'd feel a lot better if K and the girls were still there with you and Echo. I don't know when I'd feel secure having them go back to be honest. I know you must feel uneasy about this whole situation Bob....thinking of you all. ~Joy

Chancy said...

Deep sighs here. For you and yours. All you can do now is just keep on breathing.

I am glad you posted the new group photo.