Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Resolutions Test List

- Win more lotteries
- Move all holidays to workdays
- Catch all missed trains, planes etc.
- Maximize paid vacation
- Find all lost things
- Remain in love
- Abandon possessiveness
- Practice free will
- Honor habits
- Maximize portions


Tabor said...

YES! All except for the last one, which is too easy and no challenge at all.

Deb said...

Honourable and noble intentions all. I shall join you forthwith.

Happy New Year's to you Bob-San, my deepest apologies for the tardiness of the greeting. Being of meager finances it was forced to walk from Western Canada to Japan and the Pacific was somewhat choppy in parts, and there (naturally) were fish to avoid. Apparently (who knew?) New Year's wishes are appetizing fodder for those of the piscine order.

Forgive the nibbled bits at the edge of the "r", a red snapper very nearly got "Year", and should that have happened you'd have received a "Happy New ____", and then where would you have been? Left in a limbo of suspense! A Happy New *what*? Shoehorn? Tin whistle? The 11 Volume Set of Parliamentary Proceedings of The Yo-Yo Collector's Quarterly 1863-1895 (leather-bound)? The mind boggles.

Never mind. Do not trouble yourself. Embrace Possessiveness and accept this gracious Happy New Year as if it were your own, which it is.

Your honourably habituated confederate and admirer from the Canada,
The Old Woman in the Mountains

M Sinclair Stevens said...

Best wishes to you and yours, for the New Year. I haven't been around much but I resolve to do better in 2016.

Robert Brady said...

Apologies for my delay in thanking you all and wishing you the best of new years' wishes, owing to your own wisdoms... and to Deb, thanks for your trouble, and sorry about the fish-- your admirer from Shiga