Friday, December 18, 2015

Prayer of My Granddaughter

I give no faith 
to the ways of madeup gods,
but watching my young granddaughter
take a moment from play
to pray by herself
at the grave of her pet,
I know there is prayer.

There is a turning inward 
to all the self,
a proving of the universe.
No need for a god,
She is the god.
She is the universe living,
the circle closing
embracing its own.

She stands at her best,
folds her hands
bows her head
summons a silent blessing
from the place of places
that powers the heart,
ends with her own amen.

When she turns to play again
there is more to the air.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

beautiful poem, beautiful moment to witness.

Robert Brady said...

Many thanks, Kalei's Best Friend

Sandy Miller said...

Thank you..... A bit of light in the darkest part of this year as we wait for light to return......

Deb said...

Lovely Bob. Luminous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - may we all pray for the children of this world.

vegetablej said...

Love this. May you and your family have a wonderful year.