Saturday, April 30, 2016


...and I remember thinking, as I sat there gazing at the aesthetic detail of the small chapel, how much they cared, the carpenters of the far past: every joint, every curve, every scroll and support, the selected and honored wood grain, the structural complexity, the craftsmen's love for the very effort, was evident everywhere in that ancient work; and where in the neoworld do you see anything approaching that selfless level of intensity, manifested for all, direct from the long-ago hands and life times of unsigned individuals working alone at their craft for meager reward, unknown even now for the inspiring beauty of their achievement. Nor did distant future renown matter to them; nothing mattered but the greatest beauty and quality of which their hands, minds and skills were capable, the “How could it be otherwise” character of their timeless craft...


Tabor said...

While folding sheets and not caring how well I was doing it, I was watching an old re-run of Little House on the Prairie. It was a typical "feel good thoughtful do unto others" story, but in the middle was a Jewish wood carver who represented that love of craftsmanship, whose whole goal was to do the best job not the fastest job on the projects he was contracted to complete. And that did give me pause as to how mindfulness is sometimes so rare.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

the here and now IS what is important...once u think beyond, then it gets too detailed.

Jenn said...

I was a young thing of 13 or so years... I went on a school outing to visit the museums of Toronto. One of the museums had a Shinto temple, and description of how it was crafted, and how it would be recrafted every so many years, in order to remain sound and useful.

That temple has stayed within me all those years since. A solid little structure, made so. And so. Crafted and positioned and balanced and sustainable by its very material.

I do so love your writing.

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