Saturday, April 16, 2016


The Rock is a work
of quiet atmosphere
and simple exterior.

The Rock defines
a place in nature.

The approach to The Rock
is by footsteps
symbolizing passage
from another world.

To passersby, The Rock seems
nonchalant, perhaps even

Yet once inside, 
the visitor discovers
one ingenious space 
after another.

The Rock is conceived
as a series of experiences,
based on its own
compositional logic.

Rock visitors encounter
emotions they would not feel

The Rock is neither abstract
nor representational;
The Rock is enthralled with
ambiguities of perception.

The Rock evinces 
an uncanny power
to convince the observer
of its spatial impact.

The Rock is the embodiment
of gravity.

A linear path
links all Rocks.

Each Rock is located 
at the center of the site.


Tabor said...

Well, I have often thought of rocks this way, but never been able to put them into such good word images. Rocks do have presence!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

You have throughly described it well...
Sidebar: Hope all is well after that powerful shaker yesterday!.

Martin J Frid said...

I'm more of the clay persuasion:

My cups and bowls
From Shiga clay
as you say
at the center of each site
From rice fields
Cultivated and located
"enthralled" and much more you say
Something living links rocks to clay
To my cups and bowls