Friday, November 07, 2003



Recently for some reason Pure Land Mountain, not renowned for its tie-tying references, or anything else actually, has gotten a number of visitors via the search query "How to tie a Double Windsor."

Now I've never prided myself on my factually deep knowledge of necktie lore, nor yet on the impressive breadth of my knot-related derring-do, but I guess I must have mentioned the Double Windsor in one of my abstracted moments in these humble pixelations.

So to accommodate the need of those searchers-- and the disappointment they no doubt feel upon pushing the search button for Double-Windsor-tying lessons only to emerge amidst pointers on growing shiitake mushrooms-- here, straight from my everflowing font of sartorial ruinations-- ruminations-- is How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot:

First, place a well-balanced bespoke tie around your neck (collar up), with the wider portion of the tie on the side of your dominant hand; then (assuming you're right-handed) take firmly in hand the right-hand length and pass it over the left-hand length, then continue passing the right-hand length around and under and up through and over the left-hand length, thence on around and under both left and right, over both again then under from the left and up, over and down through the last pass. Pull downward severally to firm; adjust knot.

There. The knot is perfect. But the larger side of the tie should be much longer. And in front. All this should of course be reversed if you're left-handed; and then again you're doing it in a mirror. And that shirt is all wrong. Could I interest you in a nice turtleneck?

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