Friday, November 14, 2003



Having read and heard all the praises for all the troops who have been sent to do the impossible in Afghanistan and Iraq, so many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice, let's add our praise for all the sons and daughters of the Washington elite responsible for the war, we mustn't ignore the sacrifices they're making: let's say thanks to the Bush children and family relatives over there in Tikrit, who are putting their lives on the front line in service to their country just as did the President himself back when he was a man of courage, and then there's the Cheney grandkids in the bulletmarked humvees in Nasiriyah, the Rumsfeld nephews there in the alleys of Afghanistan, and all the soldiers from the Powell, Perle and Wolfowitz families now under fire in Baghdad, and so many others from the patriotic Washington uppercrust, sent straight into harm's way on the other side of the world-- who can thank them enough for their noble sacrifice?

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