Saturday, November 01, 2003



Now that I'm harvesting my hefty jalapenos, tiny tabascos and sensual Thai dragons (all of which successfully warded off the monkeys, haven't seen a monkey in the garden in quite a while), I'm figuring out what to do with them all, nice problem. The jalapenos I'll roast as per a great pepper-roasting page I just found, freeze the result and make salsa etc. as needed. The little toy-pepper tabascos (they undergo a beautiful change from pale green-ivory to yellow to fiery red) I'll mash up with some local sea salt and let them cure for a year or two (till I remember that I've got them upstairs in the closet, the longer the better) then stir in a suitable amount of fine clear multidistilled cider vinegar, roughly strain and consume (mmmmmwah!!). But the Thai dragons, which rank way up there on the Scoville scale with the jabaneros, I'll just let hang upside down on the kitchen wall in all their gorgeous long red curling flaminess and use them one at a time as torrid cuisinal ideas come to me or whenever in the shivers of winter I need some tropics at my equator.

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