Friday, March 26, 2004



Humans evolved big brains to deal with small jaws say the scientists, who in their scramble to support and refute this hypothesis are overlooking the one key evolutionary factor they're exemplifying, that came with smaller jaws: the ability to talk endlessly. Why just this morning on the train...

As to where the ability to jaw endlessly in many realms will lead us, just attend any political rally, go to any religious revival, crash any rap concert, if you want to see some full-blown jawboning; at the other end of the mandibular spectrum there's literature, a quiet form of jawboning, but even small jawbones aren't really made for reading...

As for finding any meaning in all this, jawboning duration is proportionately inverse to its substance, as all sapient beings know, thanks perhaps to the size of their jaws, which in affording room for their brains to expand, enabled humans to evolve to a level of intelligence sufficient to refute their own jaw-given hypotheses.

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