Sunday, March 07, 2004



With Spring only a couple weeks away, woke up this early morning ready to do some gardening and groundwork around the house beneath a big blue optimistic sky with a bright golden sun just beaming down and warming all endeavors, looked out the window had to rub my eyes but it wasn't my eyes it was snowing hard, a goodly snowfall on the ground already. So puttered about indoors, then for lunch went up the road on the west side of the Lake to check out Meson, the new restaurant offering chef-prepared French country-style nouveau cuisine up in the woods between Hira and Omimaiko, and where you can stay in a log cottage. The price was very reasonable for the tastefully prepared, healthful and delicious food, the place is beautiful and the folks very friendly. Have to go there more often. Highly recommended if you're traveling this way. Here's their website.

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