Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Japan wanted a secret ballot at the IWC meeting so that countries it has allegedly paid off (e. g. by lopsided foreign investment) to vote pro-whaling ("the west African nations of Cameroon, Togo and Gambia, along with the Pacific island of Nauru, suddenly joined the IWC at the weekend") could do so while maintaining their anti-whaling cover, but the idea was voted down, so Japan simply declared that it would kill research twice as many whales (even more evidence of its burning scientific ardor!) - including some endangered species, so as to scientifically quantify their endangeredness - in its ongoing effort at whale understanding, its desire to better grasp the survival difficulties of the poor cetaceans.

Whatever could be causing the steady demise of the tasty, profitable creatures? Cut another one open and let’s see. At what killing researching point do whales really truly scientifically begin to disappear forever? How does the meat taste barbecued? Japan and other countries like Norway are tirelessly harpooning whales in an effort to hurry and answer these questions before the whales run out. Purely as a non-scientific aside, the meat fetches a good price from the starving Japanese people, in a tradition that stretches back to when there were a lot more whales to research, in ecobalanced oceans.

Here's the Japan whale 'research' programs FAQ, absolutely non-strident, non-defensive, clearly upstanding.

Anti-whaling states aim to condemn Japan program

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