Sunday, June 19, 2005


I found out today that in my blog entry of yesterday I wasn't being entirely truthful in maligning the caterpillars. Based upon irrefutable forensic evidence obtained just after dawn this morning, the caterpillars are consuming only 80-90% of the spinach and lettuce that I don't get to before they do.

The fresh evidence, obtained amicroscopically in situ, clearly demonstrates the involvement of another party in this greenleaf travesty, evidence in the form of sizable absences from spinach and lettuce leaves bearing the unmistakable shape of a large black beak, proof acceptable in any gardening court in the land that Dr. Crow has been doing his share of the marauding.

Even as I write this, he sits on the limb of the big oak above the garden, where he sat moments ago watching me split firewood and is now cawing low, slowly and rhythmically like a big frog with one eye on my greens, getting hungry but knowing that I am inside that large square construction I just went into after doing whatever it was I was endlessly doing with those lateral trees, and that I am awake, as he can tell by the unceasing sounds of my keyboard through the open window.

Maybe I'll snore loudly for a while and then run out into the garden with some lit firecrackers...

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