Sunday, June 26, 2005


This morning before the sun got too overbearing I stole some time away from the heavier tasks of firewooding and raised-bed prepping to take care of something that had been tugging at my psychic elbow for some days now: clear out the insidious bamboo, vines, yomogi and other invaders crowding in underneath, around, over and among the motley collection of high- and low-bush blueberry varieties I planted there in a test some years ago, to see which I liked and which liked the southerly location on the roadside between kinmokuse and natsume trees.

The bloobs that liked it quickly took deep root and soon became untransplantable without harm (I tried transplanting one and broke the very long taproot; within a couple of months it went to blueberry heaven) so the leftalone lot have since intergrown into a very pleasant green and varied tangle that at manifold heights produces berries of multiple sizes and flavors, whose original names I wrote down at planting time in a book somewhere that's in a box somewhere in the house somewhere.

The leaves were covered in webs and stuck cherry leaves and cedar branches like burrs on a dog, which I cleared off, then I scythed the bamboo and other plants growing up among them like slivers in a sock, and the tall ones hogging the sun, then I trimmed back/restrained the neighboring trees that were shouldering into the bloobs' righteous venue.

Now the bloobs can stretch their green arms full length, their feet are cleared for action and their leaves are a lot greener, their arms bouncing in the sunny breeze as their berries turn purple, visibly swelling with savors of delight.

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