Sunday, December 11, 2005


Been getting complaints from here and there for a couple of months about popups from visits to PLM, though I never got any myself - that's part of the scam - but after getting some info I figured out a simple way to find out what addition was causing the popups: I began googling the names of the most recent sidebar additions "+popups." The second search, "webstats4u+popups" got 83,500 responses. And I remembered they'd changed to a new and improved version in October or so, about when the popup complaints began. PLM should now be free of popups. Please let me know if it isn't: the cyberguillotine is waiting.


Mary Lou said...

I use the google toolbar blocker and it keeps them down, but I too was getting complaints, and it was my free (yeah right) tagborad. Once I took it down, everything seemed fine.

Anonymous said...

No popup today. Your tinkering must have worked. Will report again in a few days to let you know if the fix still works.

Robert Brady said...

Mary lou, use of the Firefox browser also eliminates popups for the visitor. And anonymous, please do let me know if they recur. Like I say, I never see them, so I'm posting blind here.