Thursday, December 01, 2005


Letter from a 74-year-old woman named Kerry who is the epitome of spunk and grit: the real kind, not the virtual kind. Hope they're still making them like they used to...

Read this issue of Bartcop to see what came of this. Scroll down 4/5 to "Bart's Bono Impression" (not linkable). I'd like to get in touch with Kerry myself, but Bart gives no address or link...

Later update


frosty said...

Hey, your blog launched two advertising popups on me. Very, very uncool.

And since you say you've got an ad-free blog, I think there's at least some small chance you don't even know you're launching the popups.

Which is why I'm leaving you this comment instead of trying to get your blog taken down for TOS violations.

Anyway, I hope you're just being taken advantage of and are now off to debug. If you're pulling that shit on purpose, it will come back to haunt you.

Robert Brady said...

Frosty indeed.

I'd thought that those popups, whatever their origin, had stopped. I have no idea of their source; I'm looking into how I can find out, and put a stop to them. (I never see them; they seem to be sporadic.) Any advice in this regard from folks out there who might have had a similar experience would be appreciated. In the meanwhile, my apologies for whoever is taking advantage of my ignorance.