Saturday, December 31, 2005


Just having some wine, from which nation and year I shall not say, nor shall I mention the variety, let alone the label, which in the neofashion intimated hints of ripe blackberry, raspberry and sweet plum, with spicy pepper, vanilla and oak characters, and I must admit I do taste an element of oak bark in there when I swill it around orally in the accepted way, (though it must have been a long time since I chewed an oak to see what it tasted like - and I still remember! - remarkable). But in the brief time since the label was composed the berries plum and all the rest seem to have been superseded by characters of ashtray, siphoned gas and earwax, which for some reason weren't there at the original tasting... Maybe it's my organic tastebuds


Tabor said...

Or all the drugs you did as a teenager...;-)

Robert Brady said...

To one thus versed in the infinite layers of reality to be found in all material things, a wine's true dimensional character is a piece of cake.

Mary Lou said...

I take it you have a bad bottle??? tsk tsk!! send it back!!